Praxis Denkraum

" Only those who make their way, will discover a new country. " ( Hugo von Hofmannsthal ).  
It is my pleasure to accompany you on this journey.

Chantal Roulet Huber
Dipl. Psychologin FH/SBAP

About me

I was brought up in Berne and Lucerne and studied in Zurich. Since 1996 I have been living in Zug with my husband and my two sons (2000/2003). Already in my youth, I was deeply interested in people and the way they react or behave. Still today, I am motivated to broaden my understanding and expertise in the field of psychology so that I am able to assist my clients create solutions and accompany them through a small part of their life’s journey. 
Beside my profession, I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and I enjoy music and travelling.

Fachpsychologin (Specialist certificate) for child and youth psychology SBAP
Eidg. anerkannte Psychotherapeutin (officially certificated for Psychotherapy)


Master of  Psychology , Hochschule für angewandte Psychologie, Zürich

Diploma of Primary School Teacher, Lucerne

My professional developement

Continuing Education

2003 Post-diploma Non-Profitmanagement FHSO Nordwestschweiz, Olten
2008 Diploma in Systemic-solutionfocuesd psychotherapy and consulting for Individuals, Families and couples, wilob Lenzburg

2010 Fachtitel (specialist certificate) SBAP in child-and youth psychology

2014 Fachtitel (specialist certificate)  eidg. anerkannte Psychotherapeutin

2014 EMI Basiskurs Traumaverarbeitung, ief Zürich

2015 Basiskurs Klärungshilfe für Familien und Paare nach Ch. Prior

2016-2017 CAS Kinderpsychotraumatologie Uni Zürich

On going  many congresses and lectures

My experience as a teacher, psychologist and mother has been extremely valuable in helping me deal with the complexities surrounding the work with parents and children.

Professional experience

Since 2006
founder and owner of own practice "denkraum"

Guestspeaker at the PHZ Zug und Luzern

Psychologist in Zentrum für Kinder-und Jugendmedizin Lindenpark ag, Baar


Guestspeaker at the PHZ Zug and Lucerne


Preparation and Implementation of developement of gifted students & specialist counselling for schools

KJPD (Kinder-und Jugendpsychologischer Dienst) des Kt. Schwyz

Schulpsychologischer Dienst des Kt. Schwyz

teacher for  primary school and  gewerblichen Berufsschule Luzern

Voluntary Work
2012-dato: Assessorin der Schweizerischen Studienstiftung
2012-dato: Künstlervermittlung kunstundklang
2010-2012 Advisory board of the International School of Central Switzerland, Cham
2002-2004 Stiftungsrat Kinderkrippe Regenbogen Menzingen